Everything and everyone begins and ends as stories.

Once the world was in peril, a dark lord rose and was defeated in kind.  Peace reigned, and the warriors enjoyed their well earned rest, but it would not last.

An unknown cataclysm caused one of Eryndor's twin moons to crash to earth, destroying vast swaths of territory and turning the once great continent into an inland sea.  The aftermath of that catastrophe the various powers tried to put themselves back together and among them a new power began to rise.  Far to the south in the ruins of the lighthouse named Galadia the remnants of Fury of the Far North attempted to reestablish a base of operations and count the cost of the moon-fall.  Time passed and the group's character began to change, people went their own way and new fighters joined the company of fighters in the fledgling fortress.  Eventually a new Triumvirate rose to power, and a new objective was codified for the merry band.  The fighters of Galadia would search out the shards of the fallen moon, each a powerful artifact in its own right, and in the mean time sell their services to the highest bidder.  With this new mission they gained a new name, gone was the Fury of the Far North, their cause and custom having died in the moon fall.  They now reemerged as The Fallen Moon Accord.

The Triumvirate:

Arjac Ironside - Crescent Moon, a dark knight from another world

Nekrosis Vadok - Full Moon, an undead creature drawn to the power of the shards.

"Bear" - Half Moon, though his origin is unknown he believes himself to be a goblin his insanity grants him strength.